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Archive for January, 2011

Alpe D`Huez & more time Chrono-trial

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

For all you guys who love to time themselves up the climbs—–

I have the list of all this year climbs that are going to be covered by the Timtoo timing chips in this area. They will start in May and the riders times will be updated hourly on www.bike-oisans.com

There will be 21 timed climbs in all..

for eg Allemont start you can then choose to climb to  Croix de Fer, Col du Glandon,Villard Reculas,Oz or Vaujany.

Also for eg start at Bourg d`Oisans then choose to climb to Col du Lautaret,Col du Gaibier,,Les 2 Alpes,Auris,Col d`Ornon,Villard Reymond,Notra Dame,Oulles just to name a few.

They also have the Marmotte route in the listings.

The timing chips are available to rent per day for 3 euros or you can buy one for 26.50 euros from the tourist office in Bourg d`oisans and from www.timtoo.com

Looking forward to the summer already.

Skiing at Les 2Alps New Years Day

Monday, January 10th, 2011

On new years day we went skiing up at Les 2 Alps, a great way to start the year and perfect weather .  10 minutes and we in the telecabine at Venosc heading up to Les 2Alp.This  is so much easier than driving up the road to the 2 Alps. A quick walk through the empty streets to the red bubble, no ques here, once in the bubble it was time to faff, gloves, helmet, goggles, Lynne doing up her ski boots …….

Straight out onto the empty slope and a chair lift again.While we were on this lift above a black run a snowboarder came over the top of the slope out of control on his side and headed down the black all the way on his back, tumbling  to the bottom. He then stood up — how i don’t know as you would have thought something was going to break at that speed.

The slopes were in very good condition except for the usual icy spots but we are now getting to know where they are and avoid them.

We headed over to the other side of the glacier where we had a bit of a race Lynne on skis me on the board.All was going well at full speed when Lynne didn`t see this man changing directions straight into Lynne`s path.Lynne somehow managed to ski across his skis and fall over. It did look funny though. The man was so cool about it as it was Lynne`s fault. Typical skier causing accidents — haha not a boarder this time.  Back up to the Funiculaire lift then try this run again and this time no near misses.

Met some friends for a quick bite to eat then ski again for another 3 hours.

It was soon time for home. Once back at the house we were glad we went our normal way to the Les 2Alps via the lift as the traffic was backed up passed our house up the hill roughly 8k of traffice waiting to get passed Bourg as it was now time for the late change over day and everyone was going home = nightmare. What a superb start to 2011 – wish we had taken the camera.