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Calpe Spain Cycle Training Week

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

I was lucky enough to be able to go on our old clubs cycle training week. Normally in Majorca but in the past few years it has either rained or snowed, so the venue was changed to Calpe in Spain.

As we live in France I thought it was a good idea to drive the 1200  klms??. Once there it was great to see old faces and a few new faces. A quick spin on the bike after 1200km driving seemed like a good idea. It was supposed to be a gentle flat ride along the coast. As normal it soon turned into a mad sprint along the not so flat coast road.

I hadn`t been on the bike much since November and my legs reminded me of it when we arrived back at the hotel. A quick shower and we all went to eat, too much food available but we all ate ate and ate some more because it was there.The food was very good. But why do we have to eat so much. In the week  I  put on  2kg.

For  breakfast normally we have a bowl of corn flakes but there in the hotel we have bowl after bowl of different food because we are going cycling?

The next day we were out on the bikes for most of the day, Alan from 23c in MK was showing us around as he has a house in the area. The next few days were much of the same – not great high mountains but endless up and down leg sapping hills. We managed to  find one hill which did bring some rather good/bad language from all of us as it was a little steep to say the least.You can imagine the words, I had a compact with a 27 on the back and the other guys had full size cranks and down to  a 23 on the back. It is a man thing (I don`t want easier gears you know who you are ha ha )

On our rest day we  relaxed by the sea what a great day that was, beer, food, back to the hotel swimming pool then to the spa for 90 mins which included the shower of PAIN as the water pressure was that great,

I won`t go on about the rides too much as there isn’t alot to say except great.

We all had a fab week the sun shone everyday there was an endless head wind no matter which way you headed.A great many laughs mainly at other people’s expense especially the Peacock on the Cycle.?????????

The cycling around Calpe is very good,the car drivers etc are the best I’ve seen, they are so patient with cyclists.

But what makes it is the group you are with.Cheers guys good group.

Now it is back to the real mountains, Alpe d’Huez, Galibier & Croix de Fer!

See you next Year