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First Col of the year shocker! – Col d’Ornon

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

The bikes are out of hibernation and the first col of the year has been conquered, col d’Ornon, that was a shock to the system. To be honest the bikes have only been hibernated from cols, we have ridden most weeks along the bike paths of Grenoble alongside the river, it is very flat but keeps the legs turning and us away from the turbo trainer!

Col d’Ornon was a first of the year shocker, even though we have climbed it many times, the first long climb of the year always leaves you with mixed emotions, pleased because you’ve achieved it,12km of climbing and a little disheartened at how slow you are and how hard it feels, every year is the same so history says we’ll get better. It was great to be back in the mountains.

I do love March, it’s the month where all sports are accessible, in the last 5 days we have skied 3 days, mountain biked and road biked. The big cols aren’t open but there is plenty to cycle Alpe d’Huez, Les 2Alpes, Col d’Ornon, Villard Reculas and the Laffrey route and it’s warm for both cycling and skiing.

Cycling will soon start taking over from skiing and the visitors will start arriving, I imagine Easter will not only be busy for skiers but also for cyclists on Alpe d’Huez …. The cycling season is just about to commence.

The last 5 days in pictures;



Les 2 Alpes

Col d'Ornon





Les 2 Alpes

Mountain Biking

Blue powder day