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First Col of the year shocker! – Col d’Ornon

March 25th, 2015

The bikes are out of hibernation and the first col of the year has been conquered, col d’Ornon, that was a shock to the system. To be honest the bikes have only been hibernated from cols, we have ridden most weeks along the bike paths of Grenoble alongside the river, it is very flat but keeps the legs turning and us away from the turbo trainer!

Col d’Ornon was a first of the year shocker, even though we have climbed it many times, the first long climb of the year always leaves you with mixed emotions, pleased because you’ve achieved it,12km of climbing and a little disheartened at how slow you are and how hard it feels, every year is the same so history says we’ll get better. It was great to be back in the mountains.

I do love March, it’s the month where all sports are accessible, in the last 5 days we have skied 3 days, mountain biked and road biked. The big cols aren’t open but there is plenty to cycle Alpe d’Huez, Les 2Alpes, Col d’Ornon, Villard Reculas and the Laffrey route and it’s warm for both cycling and skiing.

Cycling will soon start taking over from skiing and the visitors will start arriving, I imagine Easter will not only be busy for skiers but also for cyclists on Alpe d’Huez …. The cycling season is just about to commence.

The last 5 days in pictures;



Les 2 Alpes

Col d'Ornon





Les 2 Alpes

Mountain Biking

Blue powder day

Guardian ‘Top 10 Cycling Holidays’

January 15th, 2015

What a lovely surprise, last week we found out we were featured in the Guardians ‘Top 10 cycling holidays’ www.theguardian.com/travel/2015/jan/08/top-10-cycling-holidays-europe-france-italy-spain ‘do it yourself  cycling holidays in France.

It’s one of the best New Year’s presents we could have had, our inclusion was totally unsolicited we only found it because it was posted on ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ – the positive power of social media!

Inclusion in such features is due to the support of all our guests and friends we couldn’t have achieved it with you and your feedback, thank you. To another great season – ‘cheers’


Le Velo Jaune b&b


Oisans col series – roads reserved for cyclists!!

July 3rd, 2014

What a great idea, the local authority has decided to run a number of mornings throughout the summer where the famous col’s in the area are to be closed to all motorised traffic and reserved for cyclists. ‘Oisans col series‘ It’s not an event, it doesn’t cost to do it, the whole purpose is to let cyclists ride on closed roads, how good is that?

The dates are:
Col du Galibier July 3rd 9h – 12h
Alpe d’Huez July 9th 10h – 12h, this coincides with the weekly timed event 
Col du Sabot July 16th 9h – 12h
Col de Sarenne August 5th 9h – 12h
Col d’Ornon August 12th 9h – 11h
Col de la Croix de Fer August 22nd 8h30 – 12h

For more information click here

Oisans col series

closed road cycling

First Cycle event of 2014 …… Cyclist Randonnee

April 1st, 2014

March is the month when the cyclists start coming out of hibernation, , the temperatures rise, the sun shines and the days are longer. In order to encourage us back on our bikes the local cycling clubs run a number of randonnee’s throughout March and April usually on a weekday lunchtime, they start at lunchtime to allow  the temperatures to rise.

We chose to do one just North of Grenoble run by CC Voreppe, 75km and 800m of climbing. I am not sure what we expected but it certainly wasn’t over 200 cyclists, ok so we were virtually the youngest but still mid-day on a Thursday!

7€ to enter which included, signed route, refreshments at the start, middle and end plus date stamped sheet to show you had completed it.

Ready to go

Ready to go ......



The route took us out towards the Vercors using cycle paths and quiet roads, the climbs were long enough but not too long and with a gradient of 5 – 7% quite enjoyable. After 35km it was the feed station, the French certainly know how to put on a good ‘feed’ baguette, cheese, ham, cake, oranges, dried fruit, sweets, hot tea want more do you need – they even provided plates!

Guy and Alan at the feed station ….

Feed station Cyclist Randonnee



For the last 35km we joined a group of about 10 French cyclists and fairly whizzed along, we got to a hill and I don’t know why but for some reason I decided to attack – just sometimes you have to! That put the cat amongst the pigeon’s, the group didn’t like being overtaken by a women, I heard some new French words as they tried to pass, luckily the hill was just the right length and I got to the top with only one catching me, as ever we all had a laugh at the top. Guy & Alan said it was rather fun to watch.

Finished and time for recovery food Pizza, Pasta and salad and because it’s France the recovery drink ‘Red’ wine – Cheers to a great event

Recovery drink 'red' wine


It’s now time to start cycling round our area – Alpe d’Huez here we come.

Alpe d’Huez

March 18th, 2014

Alpe d’Huez awaits all the cyclists coming out of hibernation!

Alpe d'Huez