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Le tour de Laffrey from le Velo jaune B and B bourg d’oisans

The time of year has come when the weather has changed from cold days to warmer days.So that means for me to get the bike out from under the dust that has settled on it.

I did go up the valley to Allemont the other day to see how it felt,not good was the answer, my legs gave me.So i thought just get on with and stop moaning!

Saturday was a lovely day so the Laffrey loop was my choice nice and steady.The roads were busy as it was ski change over day but there were no problems from any cars.

Down the valley into a slight headwind and onto the wooded climb up Laffrey then alongside the lake where people were sunbathing even though the lake was frozen over,felt a bit odd that!

Lovely empty roads all the way around to one of my favourite views looking south.

My legs and another part of me were letting me know that I hadn’t been on a bike for 3 months.

Through Valbonnais I knew the worst bit of the day was starting and that was the southern climb of the Col d’Ornon. Not a steep climb but a long one, halfway up if my friend Guy had passed in his van I would have climb aboard. My legs were not mine at this point.

When I passed the ski du fond ……..the climb was finished and so was I.

The great thing about this route is that you finish just outside Bourg D’Oisans so it’s just 5k of flat back to the house except for the small 11m climb over the river.

Glad I did it as we are going cycling with friends in April and I haven’t long to get fit,but it will take more than just one ride I know ?