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Les Deux Alpes Snowboarding

It’s been a great ski season so far ( may it continue), fantastic snow and great weather. When the pistes have got a little icey nice new dump of snow has come along.

With such great powder the off piste becomes more than tempting and accidents do happen – I am ok just equipment.

Last week I tried some new off piste and hit a very sharp rock, as I passed over it, it dug into the base of the board. The board stopped instantly, me ending up head first in the snow. Once I had managed to dig myself out, I looked at the rock and apart from being hacked off about my board, I did think how lucky I was not to have landed on it. I thought if that rock had hit my head game over.

I do wear a helmet which will help and am sure would save me, what I don’t understand is why don’t people wear helmets (the same apply’s to cycling), I don’t get on my soapbox often but helmets –  it’s ‘cool’ to wear one, accepted as being sensible, keeps your head warm and will probably save your life in a fall where you hit your head! A no brainer to wear one I would have thought.

Our neighbour didn’t wear a helmet until recently, it took an out of control skier to hit him causing him to fall and smash his head to persuade him to get one. He could`t ever explain before why he didn’t wear one.

My board is not great, the rock having peeled it open the to the top surface through the wood. I had to pull the remaining cover and wood off the board so I could get down the piste as I wasn’t walking.

I repaired it with epoxy resin, normally I use pTex but I find this falls out in time Epoxy resin is what the board is manufactured from so it should be ok with a good wax on top.

Today I went back to try the board. The pistes were in fantastic condition, it wasn’t busy and there was virtually no wind. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of people being half term and French holidays, we always miss the traffic as we get the lift from Venosc 10 mins up the road but you can’t avoid people.

It was another fantastic day and the board was good.

View is towards Grenoble /Lyon area and beyond taken from the Glacier at 3400m