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William ‘our cat that checked out every guest’ RIP Oct 1995 – Oct 2010

Until you have owned a pet and it dies (he died very peacefully without suffering) you never really appreciate how much of your life they become and how much you’ll miss their frienship, character and demands. If someone had said I would write a blog about William, I think I would have laughed and said ‘no way’ but now I feel I have to, as to us and maybe some guests he became part of Le Vélo Jaune b&b.

We rescued William back in April 1997 and since that first day he has ruled our lives, I have always said that if he had been a human, he would have gone to Eton and played Rugby, he was a posh cat and ruled wherever he went.

He didn’t enjoy the move to France but who would: 6 trips to the vet to get his passport which included 2 rabies injections and 2 blood tests followed by a 15 hour trip in a van on the hottest day of the year, but once he got here he adapted very quickly and soon began to rule once again. William gained a best friend, our neighbours 2 year old daughter Maiva, until the day he died he would go out at 3.45pm each day to see her as her mum took her for a walk and if he ever heard her he would appear. One of Maiva’s first words was ‘William’ He used to pop to their house for his 2nd breakfast most days, ‘saucisson’ followed by a sleep on their chair.

Our memories here of him are many, loving the sun, sleeping in the wood shed, falling through the snow when he walked on it , waking us up at least 3 times a night wanting to be fed, telling everyone he was boss including a rottweiler and fox, however I think we will best remember him for greeting and checking  out every guest who has stayed here, as soon as he heard any one or any car arrive he would appear on the drive, he checked out everyone, every bike, fell asleep on most bike bags (particularly wheel bags) but his favourite thing of all was investigating the inside cars he could and back seats became his favourite place to sleep, to the point he nearly went off to Denmark one day!

So William we miss you, no one to greet us and we can sleep right through now and Oscar (our other cat) doesn’t yet understand why she is now first in the food queue and doesn’t get beaten up at least once a day.