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Les Deux Alpes Snowboarding

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

It’s been a great ski season so far ( may it continue), fantastic snow and great weather. When the pistes have got a little icey nice new dump of snow has come along.

With such great powder the off piste becomes more than tempting and accidents do happen – I am ok just equipment.

Last week I tried some new off piste and hit a very sharp rock, as I passed over it, it dug into the base of the board. The board stopped instantly, me ending up head first in the snow. Once I had managed to dig myself out, I looked at the rock and apart from being hacked off about my board, I did think how lucky I was not to have landed on it. I thought if that rock had hit my head game over.

I do wear a helmet which will help and am sure would save me, what I don’t understand is why don’t people wear helmets (the same apply’s to cycling), I don’t get on my soapbox often but helmets –  it’s ‘cool’ to wear one, accepted as being sensible, keeps your head warm and will probably save your life in a fall where you hit your head! A no brainer to wear one I would have thought.

Our neighbour didn’t wear a helmet until recently, it took an out of control skier to hit him causing him to fall and smash his head to persuade him to get one. He could`t ever explain before why he didn’t wear one.

My board is not great, the rock having peeled it open the to the top surface through the wood. I had to pull the remaining cover and wood off the board so I could get down the piste as I wasn’t walking.

I repaired it with epoxy resin, normally I use pTex but I find this falls out in time Epoxy resin is what the board is manufactured from so it should be ok with a good wax on top.

Today I went back to try the board. The pistes were in fantastic condition, it wasn’t busy and there was virtually no wind. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of people being half term and French holidays, we always miss the traffic as we get the lift from Venosc 10 mins up the road but you can’t avoid people.

It was another fantastic day and the board was good.

View is towards Grenoble /Lyon area and beyond taken from the Glacier at 3400m



Les Deux Alpes ski for a short time today anyway !

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

As I have been away from skiing for a few days I thought that I’d go today . But the trouble for me today was after such a busy weekend, the alarm went off and I just couldn’t get out of bed for the early lifts.

After eventually getting out of bed, sorting the cats out, cleaning a bit here and there it was  11 am, still plenty of time.

Straight out, jumped in the car and within 12 minutes I was in the Venosc lift going up to Les Deux Alpes. It is so much easier than driving up to the resort.

Short walk to the lift at the top, a six man chairlift to myself (one advantage of being later!)

The slopes weren’t  busy and looked in good condition. I made my way up to the glacier after a few different runs to get there. When I arrived at the top the sun had gone to sleep and the flat light was here to stay. I made the short walk from the top of the furnicular, at I think 3400m to the button lift which takes you to the very top of the glacier at 3600m it’s not always open and  with no wind today, why not. Shame I couldn’t see Mont Blanc or Alpe d’Huez – the view is often stunning

I headed straight back down from the top to Signal red then back up the lift and over the “wall” as we call it, back down to the lift, back up again then back down another way.

A few more runs then time to head home, finished on the ‘Diable’run back into the resort which was in a brilliant condition today.

Not a long day but good fun either.

Tomorrow time for somewhere different? Serre Chevalier.

IMAG0656Low light today.View towards Ecrins National Park & Gap from the glacier 3600 Les Deux Alpes.



Skiing Alpe d’Huez & Les 2Alps

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

The ski season is only 6 weeks old and what a good one we have had so far, after such a good season last year you always wonder if the next one can be the same and so far it is with Christmas & New Year being the best we have had since moving here.

Skiing over the festive season was like March, plenty of powder, warm and blue skies. Then came a bit of a panic at the beginning of Jan was it going to snow again, the weather had been so go good but the pistes were getting a little icy. But the snow has once again arrived 30cm of fresh snow this week and the blue powder days are back.

We have skied both Les 2Alps & Alpe d’Huez, the infamous 16km Sarenne has been open and thoroughly enjoyed. You can argue it’s not a 16km black run but it’s still great. It’s not always about the colour of the runs. We continue to mostly go to Les 2Alps it being so accessible, on the snow within 30 mins and the new Diable lift has really speeded things up.

Not too many falls, enough to know we’re pushing ourselves, a new set of bindings for Alan which he loves, lot’s of sunny days and plenty of powder  it’s been fab so far and let’s hope it continues to the end.

Alan Les 2AlpsLes 2Alps

The snow has arrived …………………….

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Well the snow has arrived and there is more forecasted over the weekend, it’s already being said that this could be the best ski season in years :)

Ski season starts tomorrow in Alpe d’Huez and Les 2Alps, looking forward to it.


Cross Country Skiing & La Foulee Blanche

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Cross Country skiing or Ski Nordic or Ski de Fond whichever you choose, I can tell you it’s hard, both technically and energetically.

As we can’t ride our bikes during the winter , I don’t think alpine skiing does much for your fitness as it’s gravity aided and I don’t enjoy the turbo trainer, I thought I would learn to Nordic Ski skating style in order to help my fitness and learn a knew sport.

I bought all the gear so looked the part just one major problem, I couldn’t do it. I went to the beautiful area of Chamrousse with some friends to have a go. With their patience and coaching I got to move a little, progress was made. After Christmas I went up to Alpe d’Huez to have another go and failed miserably only achieving pure frustration. Note to self ‘I am not a good self learner – too lazy’ Enough was enough and I booked some lessons, 3 x 1.5 hr lessons later and being an xc skier became a real possibility. My tutor left me with the feeling that I could progress and to remember its all about technique, it is very difficult to wing it.

I did 12km in Alpe d’Huez and after talking to my friend entered a 20km race, He told me the course was flat so there it was the ‘Foulee Blanche’ the biggest xc race in the area.

Alan and I went to Autrans where it was being held on Sunday morning, the weather not great damp and cloudy. On arriving even though I knew I had nothing to prove being my first race and only being on the skis about 10 times, I felt totally out of my depth lot’s of lycra clad people going very fast warming up, I can honestly say I could have walked. I didn’t and got kitted up and entered the starting pen making sure I started at the back of the other 650 racers! There were as many entrants in each of the other distances: 42,10 & 5km this event was big.

We were off to ‘Land of Hope & Glory’, it all got better from that point. The support was superb and the track started going through the town and then wound it’s way around the woods. I managed to keep skating and stay upright for the most of it, I only knocked one person over and was knocked over once, it certainly wasn;t the carnage I expected.

2hrs & 2mins later I crossed the finish line, shattered but elated 140/194 female that certainly won’t be my last race.

It is definitely just not just for fitness but for doing something new which is very enjoyable, I would liken xc skiing to xc mountain biking, varying terrain, beautiful countryside and v. friendly.